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Different project which calls microcontroller needs different microcontroler based on the project. Therefore, it is important to choose the best mictocontroller that meets your device requirements. According to www.microchip.com before purchasing microcontroller, first thing’s first, you have to pick one which programming language you understand, or else it will be very thorny. Appraise your skill related to programming and coding. If you don’t have experience or knowledge about previously mentioned, it is not a sin to pick microcontroller with easy of use feature. Memory is another subject to put in mind.

Indeed, each project requires different amount of memory for RAM, let say. However choosing microcontroller which memory that is bigger than your actual needs, it benefits you more, since you have no idea about how much memory that you need. When upgrading your device for improvement, if your device lacks of memory, the upgrade cannot be performed. You need to pay attention toward system architecture. Simply making sure that you choose the right one or it will ruin the performance of your device. Two major factors to consider for requirements of system architecture, they are; sensors and kind of mathematics approaches.

The tools which are available, should be your concern as well. Find out whether certain microcontroller that you choose, it provides you with tools that you need for a seamless process when designing your device. They said, price sometimes can’t describe the quality of particular item that you buy. Cheap processor maybe adequate for common project, still, if you expect your device to excel, pricey processor will grant your wish. Next, it’s about power requirement that should follow your device needs. The availability of microprocessor, you better not skip this part. This probably not affect the performance of your device, but how about if you need them and that part is hard to find? So, choose it correspondingly.

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IB TechnologyIB Technology Solutions Inc (IB Technology) is business solutions, IT consulting and IT Services Company. It is a part of the Indiabulls group of companies (Net worth USD 4 Billion). The group achieved a Profit after tax of USD 225 million in the last financial year. All the group companies are well funded and occupy leadership positions in their respective business areas. IB Technology aims to become one of the top 10 players in the software services business in the next 5 years. Our expertise spans across a diverse range of offerings such as Application services, Independent Testing Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Infrastructure Management Services, and Mobility Solutions. We have deep business expertise in the domains of Financial Services, Capital Markets, Real Estate and Telecom.

IB Technology's unified implementation framework is the medium that allows IB Technology to align completely with the client's business requirements and to provide solutions that are robust, secure and goal oriented. This unique framework has helped IB Technology in implementing solutions successfully across industries and geographies. The framework creates a Person to Person mapping between our onsite consultant and offshore delivery manager to ensure that business needs and the project delivery are totally integrated. The onsite and offshore teams are integrated through the shared infrastructure. The offshore team is always available through multiple mediums such as Skype thus ensuring complete connectivity. The framework eliminates the traditional "Throw over the wall" approach and ensures that the customer expectations are met in all deliveries. This focus on total integration ensures risk mitigation, quick response and success at all levels.

Your technology decisions need to serve your business goals to deliver value. You need to entrust your technology to a partner who is not focused on bringing down you short term costs through cost arbitrage but is more focused on maximizing the total return on your IT investments. IB Technology has served as the IT backbone of various large enterprises. We help you to implement technology solutions that make your operations and service delivery more efficient. IB Technology always focuses on ensuring complete integration with the client needs to ensure risk mitigation, quick response and success at all levels. Our value proposition is based on superior solutions through business innovation rather than only cost arbitrage. Our core focus is on delivering long term value for the customer rather than only on short term cost savings. Clients across the globe have utilized our services to use IT as a strategic tool for long term competitive advantage.

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AdvancesPrior to the purchase of kitchen appliances for your home you should always think about your family and lifestyle. The list of selected few will change the entire setting of the home. For every remodeling or refurnishing the designers will want this data first as this will be the foundation of every home. In the tech savvy world there are trends that are fast changing and you can select one depending on your budget. Buying a gadget means making a huge investment and it should be well thought that is durable in the long run.

Dishwashers have undergone changes over the years, replacing loud, clunky and noisy with incognito models that are so quiet it is difficult to tell if they are on. Look for home appliances that feature concealed control panels built into the top of the door and stylized paneling that keep this appliance from standing out. Humans today have a zero tolerance of noise; hence these gadgets are inbuilt with quieter motors and stainless-steel interiors that can sustain any amount of high temperature. This heat is generated by the water heat used to disinfectant the entire pile of dishes. A very essential feature for places with nearby theaters or if you have kids around then the more less the sound it makes the better it is.

You will be amazed at the number of people who are looking into the possibility of buying two or more dishwashers. This is a trend that is catching up in major kitchens and kitchen remodels for anyhome appliance fixtures. Certified designers all over the city are saying this is the ideal option for larger families or homes that like to entertain, one dishwasher can be cleaning while the other is being filled with new dirty dishes. Companies like Kitchen Aid and Fisher at Canada appliances have also come up with dishwasher drawers, essentially two independent dishwashing drawers that are stacked on top of one another to accommodate single or double-drawer loads. Homeowners interested in cutting-edge technology should be on the lookout for energy-efficiency, shorter cycles, and advanced features designed to cut time and fuss over dishes.

Thermographic camera or what is called FLIR, Forward Looking Infrared, is type of cameras which produces an image with the use of infrared radiations or wavelength that differs from the common cameras which use the visible light.
How do thermal cameras work? Since it depends on the wavelength, its necessary to know a bit about the radiations produced by objects. Each object produces a certain amount of black bodies. From its name we can guess that it absorbs the electromagnetic radiation falling on it.

It is black because it cannot reflect or even transmit these radiations, which make the object black when it becomes cold. So, it is the cameras job to detect these radiations, since, the more temperature the object is, the more production of infrared radiation of black bodies. It is the same process done by a usual camera that handles visible light.

Images from infrared cameras prefer to use sensor, which does not distinguish the various wavelengths of infrared radiations. It is capable of working in a complete darkness regardless the surrounding light, that is, light does not affect thermal cameras. However,, a color camera needs more complex system to differentiate between the different wavelengths.

It is the role of the thermal camera to detect the radiations. Thus, knowing more about the types of these detectors can be beneficial for their users.
They are of two types: Cooled infrared detectors and Uncooled infrared detectors.

Cooled infrared detectors are usually contained in a thermos, which separates the components from the ambient environment. These detectors are very important because they cool the sensors and prevent them from burning. Each captured photo must be taken a few minutes later so the camera can work again properly. Cooling is both power-hungry and time-consuming, besides, its too expensive.

How does the cooling system work inside this kind of camera? First, there are two cooling systems; one of them is too expensive, but provides higher qualities, and the other is more proper to certain fields.

Regarding to the main system, rotary Stirling engine cryocoolers, though it is costly but it provides higher image qualities than the un-cooled infrared detectors. The other cooling system is to use nitrogen gas bottled at high pressure. The pressurized gas is expanded through small hole and then passed over a micro-sized heat exchanger leading to renew cooling through JouleThomson effect. JouleThomson effect describes the change of temperature of a gas when it is forced through valve while in isolation so there is no change of heat with the surrounding area.

On the other hand uncooled infrared detectors use a sensor which makes the imaging process at the surrounding temperature or closer to the ambient temperature by using temperature control elements. It is cheaper to produce lower qualities than its counterpart.

After all, what are the benefit and the applications of such cameras? This product is very substantial in various fields. Firefighters, for example, can use it for rescuing people to see through smoke and to locate peoples position in the firing place. It also can be used in laboratories, chemical imaging, military, night visionand so on.

In today's advanced living mobile phone is one of the most important need of a person these days. Samsung is one of the leading manufacturer in market that has grabbed attention of many people. This smart handset has been filled with several astonishing features and applications that makes it truly worth for buying. Till now Samsung galaxy S2 is rumored and this smart handset is not yet officially announced in market.

According to the sources Samsung Galaxy S2 comes furnished with several fantastic features which makes it really a fantastic device. Users can find Samsung Galaxy S2 with many latest applications and features that are enlisted below:

Eye-popping Applications that keeps you updated

Social networking integration.
Digital compass.
MP4/DivX/WMV/H.264/H.263 player.
MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player.
Image/video editor.
Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF).
Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration.
Voice memo/dial/commands.
Predictive text input .

Get A better view -

Samsung Galaxy S2 can give its customers a better viewing option as this superb device has a 3.7 inches of Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and along with the size of 480 x 800 pixels.

Its Display has been made more attractive with the additional features which makes Samsung Galaxy S2 really an alluring handset.

Gorilla Glass display.
TouchWiz UI.
Multi-touch input method.
Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate.
Touch-sensitive controls.
Proximity sensor for auto turn-off.
Swype text input.

Additional Features :

Samsung mobile phones are always recognized for their better performance and it is only with the multimedia feature that Samsung mobile phones comes installed with. Customers can find Samsung galaxy S2 furnished with many features which are some of the most important part of the handset.

High resolution camera- Samsung Galaxy S2 has a inbuilt camera of 5 Mega Pixel that comes with the resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and additional features like Geo-tagging, auto focus, touch focus, face and smile detection which provides you with the enhanced picture quality and makes your photographs look lifelike.

Samsung Galaxy S2 runs on the operating system of Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread) that comes added with the 1.4 GHz processor which makes that smart phone a better performer.
The larger internal memory of Samsung galaxy S2 has been added with the option of micro SD card that expands the internal storage space up to 32GB so that users can store their favorite music, videos and other favorable stuff in the vast storage space available.

You've no doubt started to hear a lot about bluetooth technology and for good reason. Thanks to its technology, users of bluetooth can enjoy low bandwidth benefits through their wireless connections. With its short-range, low power technology, users can easily network without wires. By being able to send and receive data at up to 720kbs, bluetooth technology customers can use radio waves to communicate with each other, or their Bluetooth enabled devices.

Imagine a world without wires.

Blue Tooth Specs
The specifications for bluetooth technology devices allows for different classes of radio transmission ranges. These ranges can reach up to about 300 feet by boosting the radio power. This technology isn't limited to line of sight as the waves it utilizes are directional waves, which are capable of transmitting through various obstructions.

Industry Model
Quickly becoming the wireless communications industry standard, the real benefit of bluetooth is that it goes beyond the old-world uses and connects all types of devices. Imagine connecting your computer to your cell phone, digital camera, laptop, PDA or any other digital device - without messy wires. It shouldn't take you long before you see that bluetooth is going to completely redefine wireless. No more wires. You can share information like never before. Need to print something from your cell phone? No problem. With bluetooth technology enabled devices, you can.

Imagine a world without wires! Bluetooth removes the need for wires while still providing the connectivity our businesses need. Thanks to this low cost solution, you can link all of your bluetooth enabled devices and experience communications the way it should be.

How many times have you tried to move information from one device to another, only to find that you dont have the proper adapter? Wouldn't it be great to be able to download your family photos from your digital camera and cell phone camera easily, regardless of where you are?

One of the current downsides of wireless technology is the strength of its signal. Often you're worried about whether or not there will be any interference or interruption of your signal by other devices that operate on the same frequency. Worry no more. Blue Tooth is known for its solid signal, and ability to operate with efficiency even when other devices operate on the same frequency.

Using a 2.4GHz frequency, bluetooth allows you connectivity throughout the world. It doesn't matter where you are, more than likely, there is a signal waiting for your bluetooth device.

Security is one of the major drawbacks to wireless security. Bluetooth provides its users with advanced technology that will ensure security of your information. Its difficult for conversations to be heard or data compromised through Bluetooth enabled devices. There have even been questions raised about whether or not the police, FBI or CIA would be able to tap into Bluetooth cellphones.

Did You Know:

- Not surprisingly technology leaders around the world such as Nokia, Ericsson and IBM are involved with Bluetooth along with thousands of other organizations, who utilize their expertise to further the number of devices that are Bluetooth enabled.
- which is 3-8 times faster than the average serial port.
- The technology known as Bluetooth earned its name from the Danish King Harald Bluetooth Blaatand, who is credited with unifying Norway and Denmark. When Bluetooth technology was created, it too had the aim of unifying the computing and telecom industries.

Another great feature of bluetooth technology is its ability to optimize its power consumption. The radio feature is very power friendly and the device itself only consumes a minimal amount of power that it 'borrows' from a cell phone.

We are living in a competitive world. Dealing with competition in business is not as easy as many people think. It involves implementing strategies designed to out-flank competitors while providing the best in customer service. Business etiquette training will help employees learn techniques that will be good for the business, themselves and customers. Employees need to understand that the customer is the lifeblood of the business. Here are tips to improve customer relations. p>

1. Patience

Patience is actually a core value that every support employee should have if they are to completely understand what a customer needs. For instance, some customers may come to a support employee frustrated. In this case the employee has to exercise the art of patience in order to understand why the customer is upset and take the time to fully understand the issue and calmly assure the customer that they will help find a resolution.

2. Attentiveness

An attentive employee will uncover the finer details of what a customer has to say. For this reason employees need to be careful about their facial expressions, body language and the words the customer uses to express their feelings. In any business, understanding the customer is a great achievement and can be attained through paying close attention to what they have to say.

3. Clear communication skills

Good communication is essential in any transaction. Employees need competent communication skills to facilitate mutual understanding. Etiquette training increases their capabilities and will improve customer satisfaction and the business bottom line.

4. Knowledge of the product

Knowledge is power. Employees must be trained to fully and accurately answer customers product or service questions. If they are are not sure bring someone into the conversation quickly. Do not try to fudge, customers can tell and that does not build confidence.

5. Acting skills

There will be times when customers are upset. How well or poorly this is handled could be the difference between a customer for life or one who may spread bad comments about the business. Of course, there will be that one nagging customer who will always complain regardless of how hard you try to satisfy him or her. Again, patience is key here too.

6. Time management skills

Time is a precious commodity and should be spent wisely. Remember that time wasted can never be recovered. Whereas it is advisable to spend time with customers, one should not overdo that . If you need assistance, get someone as quickly as possible to assist.

In conclusion, effective business etiquette training is essential for the success of each and every business. We are living in a technological world. However technology should not be used to substitute the customer support staff. Customers need what is real and thus employees need to acquire the required skills and etiquette to serve them better.

Marcy Breault is the founder of The Protocol and Etiquette School, Maggie Valley, NC. To learn more about protocol and etiquette training and classes visit http://www.theprotocolandetiquetteschool.com/http://www.theprotocolandetiquetteschool.com/

In the multitudes of research used for health and wellness education, there seems to be an underlying and unifying theme: over-stimulation. With the increasing dependence on technology, people are required to do less physical activity, at the same time increasing mental activity. While often useful, if not managed carefully, this can manifest in poor health.

Consider how society has shifted from early pioneer days to the current technological one. Just a few things we no longer must do to survive:

Hunt for food
Gather firewood for winter heating and cooking
Raise the food we eat, requiring labor to raise livestock and tend fields
Walk to town, or walk for basic transportation
Work at a physical labor-based job
Do labor by hand, not using machines
Cook food from scratch, using homegrown ingredients
Physically meet up, to talk or communicate with others
Go to town to get basic supplies
Share particular talents or skills as a means to trade for needed items

All of these tasks, while time consuming, served a vital function in total health promotion, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health. Days were spent on basic physical tasks, which also occupied the mind and helped to meet other essential needs. Physical activity was a part of every persons day and most slept easy because they were physically tired. Obesity was not an issue, in part due to the effort it took to obtain, grow, and prepare food. Most often, physical activity offset the calories available for consumption.

Social interaction was one on one and greatly appreciated after long spells out on the farm. Studies now show that quality social interaction is beneficial to health and feelings of wellbeing. With fewer options to vie for ones attention, focus was centered on the task at hand. People took pride in their workmanship and the fruits of their labor. While often harsh, pioneers days were simpler, with fewer options. This made for fewer daily choices to keep the mind constantly stimulated.

Just a few things we now do or have that contribute to poor health:

Food that is readily accessible, high in preservatives, high in calories, and low in nutrition (Not requiring lengthy preparation or effort)
Sedentary jobs using technology, versus physical labor
Machines to assist with physical tasks
Communication through phone, text, computer, or email
Easy access to unlimited information
24/7 accessibility through cell phones and computers
Actual face to face interaction unnecessary
Clock time at jobs that do not utilize ones skills or talents
Distractions available from multiple sources simultaneously, such as TV, radio, computer, cell phones, gaming devices, and other portable electronics
Options to fill time are infinite, requiring constant moment to moment choices regarding how time will be spent

This list reveals the insidious side of technological advances, allowing one to get things done more efficiently, so that there is time to fill the day with more things to do. Such mental over-stimulation was never intended. Is it any wonder "stress related" illness is the number one cause for most doctor visits? Being mentally over-stimulated and physically sluggish is at the heart of many debilitating health problems seen today.

Look at the rise in ADHD, not much of that in pioneer days. Take insomnia for another example. A new federal health study showed at least 8.6 million Americans report needing prescription medication to fall asleep. Today's stimulating lifestyles make it challenging to focus and difficult to shut the mind down for sleep. Combine that with the fact that in most lifestyles, the only physical activity comes from a conscious choice to "work out," and the problem becomes more apparent.

This does not begin to scratch the surface of health related issues directly related to being over-stimulated. People need drugs, nicotine, alcohol, and other such behaviors to cope with the over-stimulated lives that are common today. This article is meant to throw up a red flag and get people to consider how much they are allowing into their life through their dependence on technology.

The bottom line is, if you feel run down, burnt out, or regularly need to use a substance to help you cope with a busy lifestyle, it is time to take stock of how time is spent and develop boundaries for technology use. Make no mistake that is a tough choice. However, the next choice may prove even more difficult. Block out time to do nothing, to focus on one task without electronic or other distractions, and to clear the mind, while relaxing the body. It is also essential to add physical activity into each day, the kind the challenges the muscles and lungs.

All of these suggestions are easy to do. The problem is, they are just as easy NOT to do. It was once said, "Live by the sword, die by the sword." The same could be said of technology. "Live by technology, die by technology." Choose carefully the stimulation allowed into each day. Create rituals or routines that allow for unwinding and relaxation. Build associations with healthy behaviors or substances such as herbal tea, warm milk, essential oils, peaceful music, sitting in nature, yoga, massage, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and etc. These associations will build with practice and can begin to signal the brain it is time to shut down. Just like Pavlov's dog, conditioned responses can be created. Just be sure they are the kind of responses that promote health not endanger it.